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Olympic Barbell Clamps Aluminum (Pair) Clips

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  • Our Barbell Collars fit securely around a standard 2” diameter Olympic barbell to provide a resilient, won’t-let-up grip to keep your bumper plates in place – no matter how many you have on the bar!
  • These Collars are made from durable and lightweight aluminum. Unlike plastic competitors, our collars have a rubberized lining to ensure a strong hold and protect the bar. This grip pad runs the circumference of the bar to provide even, locked-in support.
  • Our lock and release design is simple and solid. We made our collars easy to use to ensure you waste no time during your training. Quickly change the plates on your barbell to maximize gains. The collars are lightweight and transportable, so you can bring your personal, head-turning collars wherever you workout!
  • This package comes comes with (2) 2-inch in diameter, fine-looking, quick-release collars.