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Wattbike Trainer Pro

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The Wattbike Pro and Trainer have redefined indoor cycling. Ultra robust, they stand up to training sessions from the world’s most powerful athletes. Incredibly versatile, they are equally at home in intense training facilities as they are in your home. Astoundingly accurate, they ensure you make the most of your data, during each and every session.

The Pro and Trainer combine years of painstaking research, analysis and improvement into one. Redefine the way you ride with Wattbike Pro.

With the ability to monitor the data required by the world's top athletes, coaches, and physicians, the Wattbike brings professional quality to gyms, cycling studios, and rehabilitation facilities around the globe.

Measure power in left or right leg, rehab athletes, or build cardio strength with the Wattbike. The Wattbike provides accurate measurements of heart rate, cadence, leg balance, and, most importantly, power to provide coaches and trainers with a unique training tool.


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