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About the latest

Can you share some tips to combat boredom eating?

Eating out of boredom is a common phenomena but it CAN be managed! Here are some things to look at, 

  • Hobbies are your friend! Take up knitting, reading, piano playing, whatever it takes to keep you busy instead of heading to the kitchen when boredom strikes. 
  • Are you eating enough at mealtimes? If you didn’t have enough protein at lunch, snack time could come around sooner than you’d like. 
  • Don’t keep snacks at the house! When you know there’s a bag of chips waiting for you, it makes it so easy to eat, even when you’re not that hungry. 

I’ve reduced my calories significantly since the beginning of the year and lost 10kg. I now want to slowly increase my calories to start giving me more flexibility in my daily life but don’t know how to do it without gaining weight. What do you suggest?

Well done on the 10kg! It’s not an easy journey and you should be so proud! As for what to do now after being in a calorie deficit for so long, is to slowly bring your calories back up to maintenance. Increase by 100 calories at a time until you hit that sweet maintenance spot. If you haven’t already, strength training is a great place to help in keeping your metabolism high to burn more calories, leaving you with extra flexibility in your daily life for more calories. When I say more calories, I mean from good quality, nutritious sources leaving you feeling strong and healthy not tired and depleted. 

What’s the best and quickest way to shed the pounds after overindulging during a lockdown?

This might not be the answer you’re looking for, but there is no quick fix for losing weight. Before I get into the answer, you should know it’s totally okay to overindulge – these are unprecedented times! Ask yourself, why did you eat? Were you hungry or bored? Were you emotional or stressed? It’s all about building a solid healthy lifestyle that you’re comfortable with so you don’t have to deal with those ups and downs so often. Set yourself up for success by choosing what you want to work on first without overwhelming yourself with too many things to do at once, consider meal prepping at home or starting a workout routine and break it down into actionable steps. Here are some ideas to get back to fitness now that things are kind of returning to normal. Get your home ready with this checklist, try out meal prepping, and work your way towards your health goal.